Monday, October 6, 2014

2 Years Later- Brooks' Birth Story

This time every year- late September/early October - always makes me think of being super pregnant.   [if you're looking for a definition of super pregnant, i'll start with this: so pregnant you can't tie your own shoes]  The fabulous weather was perfect for my multiple walks per day and having the windows open for afternoon naps.  So, since it's that time of year again and almost my baby's second birthday, I thought I'd share his birth story.  Ready, go!

Brooks was due October 6th, 2012.  I had high hopes that he [like me, I'm told!] would be born on time, but as that Saturday came and went with no signs of labor, I knew he was going to be very late. At that point I was walking at least 2 times a day, rubbing primrose oil on my belly, and eating spicy foods like it was my job.  On Wednesday, the 10th, my mom and I went to the organic market where one of the women working in the essential oils/vitamins section told me to eat an entire pineapple [an ENTIRE PINEAPPLE. yes.]  I was having some contractions then, so I sat on a stool in my parents kitchen and ate the entire dang pineapple.  I thought my tongue might burn off from the acidity.

That night I woke up in labor.  I was excited then- encouraging the contractions as they came- every 10 minutes at night, while I was trying to sleep.  They continued throughout the day, though more spaced out... and then again through Thursday night.  

By Friday I was beyond exhausted.  I had my 41 week appointment at the OB/GYN that morning, where the doctor looked at me and shrugged.  She told me I could take Benadryl or she could prescribe a sleeping pill so I could get some rest [which i refused] and told me I was dilated to 2.5 cm.  I cried on the way home.  

That evening we tried to walk some more, but I was too exhausted to even make it to the end of the driveway with my contractions coming every 5-7 minutes.  I called cried on the phone to the doctor around 7pm and we drove to the hospital [also known as- the most uncomfortable 15 minutes of my life].

After a nice triage nurse called my doctor and encouraged him to let me stay, I was checked in and got an epidural.  My body finally relaxed then and I dilated pretty quickly- we watched Friends on the TV in the delivery room and checked the baseball scores [the Nats were in the playoffs, I think] If said doctor had showed up at the hospital when he said he would, I think Brooks probably would have been born around 6am.  Instead, he didn't show up until around 10am. I was dilated to 9cm and my water hadn't broken yet, and only a doctor was allowed to break my water.  So, since the doc didn't show up until 10am, and my water still didn't break on its own, I wasn't fully dilated until around 10:45 or so. I pushed for about an hour until Brooks was born at 11:39am on Saturday, October 13th, 2012.

I remember seeing Brooks for the first time and crying...trying to get him to nurse, then being hustled out of the delivery room [for what reason, you ask? i have no idea.] And then I ordered lunch.  A personal cheese pizza, nacho cheese doritos, and a ginger ale.  Most delicious meal I've ever eaten.  After only having ice chips [and sneaking saltine crackers and apple sauce] all night long, I was ravenous.  [side note- do you remember the first meal you ate right after giving birth?  one of my girlfriends had her dad bring her Chic-fil-a french fries, which i thought was a fantastic choice.]

And then, reality set in.  I was so unbelievably exhausted, but so excited to finally see Brooks and tell everyone his name! I didn't feel connected to him right away- which I felt terrible about - but I had read a lot about giving birth and knew that some women felt this way for a short period of time.  Of course, I loved him, but I felt like I barely knew him!  Looking back now I can't believe I ever felt like that.

So here it is, 2 years later, so I don't forget it!  It feels like just yesterday and also like forever ago.  Happy birthday, my sweet Brooksy boy.  I love you more than words.    

I'm leaving out a lot of the details that I wasn't too thrilled about at the hospital.  I think I'll have different plans whenever we decide to have another child- I'd like to look into a doula, a midwife and a birth center.  If you have recommendations on any of these people or centers in our area, please let me know :)  [also, i am not currently pregnant. ]