Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Favorite Posts & Breastfeeding Resources

As Brooks has gotten older, I've become more confident in my parenting abilities.  Every once in a while I come across a blog post or article that really makes me say, "yes! exactly what I was thinking!" or one that truly makes me laugh.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

From The Badass Breastfeeder, on co-sleeping/bed sharing:


I definitely related to her struggle at the beginning...I never wanted to bed share with Brooks but once I decided to it really made our sleep so much better! [most days, at least :) ]

From Pregnant Chicken, on doing what works:

The Haggard Mother Sleep Training Method

My favorite line from this post - "You are standing in front of a door with a thousand keys and only one of them fits."

Other incredibly helpful resources to have on hand if you're breastfeeding:  
Dr. Sears
La Leche League

I think one of the things I found to be helpful was to have a friend who had kids to tell me, "oh yeah, my baby did that."  For some reason it was comforting to know that Brooks wasn't the only one who [insert ailment here: i.e. had a crusty eye as a newborn, was only taking 30 minute naps, refused to eat any type of solid food, nursing around the clock, etc].

And my final thought is this- if whatever you're doing is working for your family, you're doing it right.  We've got 18 years to teach our kids to be independent...why try and do it all in the first few years?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

Happy Wednesday!  I hope all you mamas had a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day! [filled with naps, no cleaning and no diaper changing, I might add!]  I had a delicious and fabulous day with my family...and now it's time to confess a few things.

1-  Last week was one of the more challenging weeks I've had staying at home with Brooks.  It's official: temper tantrums are NO JOKE, ya'll.  I'm 100% certain that motherhood is my greatest accomplishment.

I call this..."Portrait of a hungry, tired toddler"

2- Have you seen the show "Fixer Upper" on HGTV?  It's my new favorite.  This couple renovates homes in Texas and I have loved every single one of them [well, 2.  i've watched 2 episodes so far.]  They have the "farmhouse" style that I love so much... not to mention that the woman [Joanna] reminds me of Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights, who is the best.

3-  I'm doing good with my "no shopping challenge" for this month!  I haven't bought anything for myself...things for Brooks and my hubby don't count though, right?!  I can't resist the baby tank tops and baseball hats that are out for summer.  Come on.

4- My air conditioner has been on since the temperature outside hit approximately 78 degrees.  Sorry.  The yellow film of pollen that I keep wiping off our patio furniture is reason enough for me to keep the windows closed.  

5-  I bought myself a Birchbox subscription for Mother's Day and have been obsessed with pretty much everything I've gotten in the last two boxes.  Tinted lip gloss? Yes.  Lotion? Yes.  I may or may not have already ordered a few full sized items.  [ i.e. this ]

Hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Month Without Shopping

Hello again!  April has been a fun month- birthdays, Easter, and a whole lot of desserts!  I definitely indulged quite a bit... shopping-wise and food-wise [although lets be honest- I always eat a lot of desserts.]

a bunny birthday cake made by yours truly

mr. bowtie at church

playing in the nursery/preschool

cheesin for birthday pics

After a ridiculous amount of ordering and returning [free shipping FTW!] I finally found a high waisted bathing suit that I love.  I am so excited to wear it when it finally gets warm!  I also got some other fabulous birthday gifts from my family this month.  And so, now I need to pump the brakes.

No shopping [clothes, for myself specifically] for the whole month of May.  Do you think I can do it? I've already banned myself from buying dresses or skirts of any kind since I don't really have the chance to wear them being a stay at home mama.  I've been able to stick to that, so hopefully this won't be too much harder!

I'm hoping I can do a little closet clean out and try to "shop my closet."  I'm thinking Pinterest will be my friend as well!  Anyone done this and have any tips?