Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ode to Nursing in Public

Written in the style of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Oh! You're hungry! Well, let's see.
Should I nurse you in a car? Or huddled under a tree?
Should I cover your tiny head, so that you can not see?

No, I do not think you'd like that.  I do not think you'd like that at all.
I think I will nurse you right here, in the middle of it all.

I will nurse you in the park, on a bench in the spring air.
I will nurse you eating lunch, even if people stare!
I will nurse you at the beach, at the pool or the at the lake.
I will nurse you at the mall, while I sit down to take a break.

I will nurse you standing up, I will nurse you lying down.
I will nurse you even when you kick your legs round and round!

No, I do not care if people catch a glimpse of me nursing you.
Newsflash everyone, this is what breasts were made to do!

So I will nurse you here, I will nurse you there.
I will nurse you everywhere!

No need for me to stay at home and hide.
Ladies, latch your babies and show your nursing pride!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hair Evolution

Before Brooks, I didn't spend too much time doing my hair.  I'm not sure why- I just didn't know how to curl or style it, and I never ever used any products in it.

When I got pregnant 3 years ago, I was not feeling so good about myself.  It's really hard to be okay with gaining weight and knowing you're going to get much (MUCH) bigger than you've ever been before.  So, while searching for ways to style my hair for a friend's wedding, I came across Kate's blog, The Small Things Blog.  Kate is a former hairdresser turned stay at home mom whose hair I seriously envy.  She has a TON of hair tutorial videos that I started watching and thinking, "hey, I can do this!"

Kate has made me realize the power of the products and tools you use when styling your hair.  As well as the idea that your hair is "your best accessory."  I always feel better about myself when I take a little bit of extra time to fix my hair.  Plus, because of dry shampoo I don't have to wash and style it every day!

Anyways- I FINALLY mastered curling my hair with a flat iron [this is the one i have -got it on clearance for $30!]. I found this picture [which i'm sure you've seen if you are on Pinterest!] and decided I needed to stop dragging my feet and really figure out how to do it!

I'm going to link to one of Kate's video tutorials that I watched numerous hundreds of times and then try and provide a little extra info that I've found to make it easier, as well as the products that I use.

This is Kate's tutorial.

Toni & Guy shampoo/conditioners are my favorite, I wash my hair every other day or so.  Then, I use a tiny bit of Eufora "sculpture styling glaze" in my wet hair [p.s. if you don't have a wet brush get one immediately. especially if you have little girls.] And blow it dry.  Unlike Kate, I only split my hair into two sections to save time. And I start the flat iron mid-way down my hair so it's not quite as curly as hers.  I do comb out each piece before I curl it.

So, I think the thing that is most confusing when you watch anyone flat iron curl their hair is that it looks like they are just putting the flat iron in, turning their wrist one time and then pulling the hair through.  For me, I found that I have to continue turning my wrist [about 2 full turns] in order to get my hair to curl.

Also, it makes a difference how fast or slow you go.  If you pull the flat iron through your hair too quickly, you won't get a decent curl.  You don't have to go super slow, but enough so that your hair actually receives the heat and bends to curl.

After I do the bottom and top sections, I then comb through my hair with my fingers to separate the curls.  Then spray some flexible hold hairspray on it and we're good to go for the next few days! I think the whole process probably takes me about 10-15 minutes.  

I will admit, some days I do a better job than others.  And some days I just do not feel like doing anything with my hair at all.  And, of course, I only have one child which makes it quite a bit easier to distract him while I am getting ready in the morning. However I think, [with dry shampoo] you could do this at night, sleep on it and be ready to go in the morning!

So what are your favorite hair products? What can't you live without? I always want to try new stuff... [specifically dry shampoo. i am still on the hunt for the BEST dry shampoo.]