Friday, February 27, 2015

He Sleeps

You guys.  My kid sleeps.  All night. In his own bed!!  Ok, so he's been doing this for a little while now, but sometimes I still can't believe it.  I am so proud of him, and us!  We did it!

A little update on Brooks' sleeping situations, in case you were wondering...

Birth to 2 weeks or so =  slept in rock n play next to our bed
2 weeks- 3 months = spent half the night in the rock n play, other half in our bed
3 months-  ~18 months = slept all night in our bed
18 months- 2 years = slept for 2 hours in his bed (we put him down in there first thing), rest of the night in our bed
2 years- 26 months = slept in his bed until early morning, then our bed
27 months- now = sleeps all night in his bed!

Having Daddy take over Brooks' bedtime routine around 18 months or so was a huge help.  Of course, the transition when he was 2 years old from being in our bed most of the night to being in his own bed was sometimes a challenge.  For the most part though, when he woke Pat would go comfort him and then he'd go back to sleep.

My purpose in writing this post is just to say to those of you that are co-sleeping and thinking that your kid will be sleeping with you FOREVER ....or to those of you with small babies who are hesitant to co-sleep....your kid will be just fine.  And they will sleep! On their own!  It just takes time.  We made small changes as Brooks got older and never let him "cry it out" and he has done wonderfully.  Again, I am so proud!

And now some super cute pics, just because it's Friday..

Happy weekend to you!