Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Motherhood right now

Oh hello again ol' blog!  It's been a while.  Who knew having two kids would take up so much time?! Hah.  Especially having one who never sleeps.  [cough, cough, Greer]

I have really liked looking back through old posts and reading about what we were doing, where we were going, and what motherhood was like at that point in time.  So, I'm going to continue it!  If only to have a journal for myself to look back on and smile.

We have had a busy October!  It's Brooks' birthday month, the weather has finally cooled down, and there are so many fun fall activities to do!  We've been apple picking, to the pumpkin patch, to the farm, and have been able to get out to the park without sweating our butts off.

Brooks is really loving school, which I am so glad about- not one single day of crying or being upset at drop off!  He loves his teacher and his friends, and still says his favorite part of going is the playground.  He had the best time at his birthday parties but then asked "Is my birthday over now?" on the way home from our family party.  I think he was done being the center of attention, haha!

Greer is almost 10 months old and never sleeping for longer than an hour at a time.  She's a super fast crawler, pulls up on everything, and is just starting to cruise along furniture and let go while she's standing!  She loves her brother (and wants all his toys), people whispering in her ear, and must never be contained.

In non - kid related news, I got bangs (daddy hates them), I love them, and am currently obsessed with trying to keep everyone healthy over here.  Vitamins, Emergen-C, apple cider vinegar, probiotics, On Guard oil (I keep it in the car now!) .  I am crossing my fingers we'll stay healthy this winter!

I am so looking forward to the holidays with two kiddos this year!  I can't believe it's almost time to start listening to Christmas music.  I'm so excited!