Friday, March 28, 2014

High Five for Friday

It has been a loooong week.  Am I right?  Perfect weather, then snow, crazy wind, and freezing temperatures put me in a terrible mood.  I just don't want to wear socks anymore, okay?  I'm running low on matching pairs and I just don't want to do it! Bring us some sunshine and warm temperatures, PLEASE!  Anyways, despite the weather being a major buzz kill, here are five good things that happened this week!

1-  Brooks ate some of a white cupcake at a friend's birthday party on Saturday and gave himself a nice white mustache. [pardon the close up as it is quite difficult to get a picture of a moving toddler at a birthday party :) ]

2-  My sister made this recipe called "Cashew Chicken Coconut Curry" from Iowa Girl Eats blog on Wednesday and it was crazy good.  Like, I felt as though I had gotten it from Noodles & Company [except better because she didn't add cilantro!] Hope I can make it again as well as she did!

3-  We started watching "The Americans" and I'm hooked.  I'm still a bit of a sissy [more on that later] but - it's fun to binge watch a show together.  We've been looking for something since we finished season 2 of House of Cards and The Americans is filling that void nicely.  [also, can we talk about Keri Russell's hair?  so fabulous.]

4- So, we went to the mall the other day when it was snowing to just do some walking and found ourselves at Gap.  Before I knew it I was buying another pair of jeans [hey, they were 40% off!].  I ended up getting these skimmer straight legs and I'm excited to wear them with some of my comfortable shoes this spring!

5-  Brooks and I love to play with Photo Booth on the computer and took this picture the other day...I could not stop laughing at it!  Hope it gives you a chuckle on this Friday.  Happy weekend!

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